About Us...

The First Five-Star Hotelier’s and Luxury Travel Agency

More than 40 years of luxury travel and hotelier experience combined in flawless, heart-led service to our clients—celebrities, royalty, magnates of every industry. Escala Travel is the culmination of our shared expertise, honed in Miami’s most exclusive hospitality businesses and services, to create memories inclusive of our client’s every dream and desire, so that they can live unlimited.

Our relationships reach every corner of the world, accessing the most prestigious and elusive places. Our services never stop, known for their around-the-clock, year-round commitment to provide you with incomparable attention. With unfettered passion and our signature smiles, we create truly unique experiences, time and time again.

Unimaginable. Unforgettable. Unconditional. Unparalleled.

Join us in this adventure of Living Unlimited.